A Website for Where You’re Going, Not for Where You Are Today

Does your website feel meh?!

Is it not telling your story, gaining your customers’ trust, and easily selling your service or product?

What do you do when your website feels “off,” or it isn’t attracting clients or converting as it should?

First, understand that’s not always a bad thing!

When your website or brand feels off or misaligned, it’s actually a sign of growth!

It’s a sign that it’s time to level up!

The first thing you should know is: I don’t design for where you are. I design for where you’re going.

As a Web Designer, when I hold the space for what is becoming - a deeper, more expanded version of you and your business - then we can create a website that supports that. What emerges is a website that positions you ahead of your growth and transformation and allows you to step into that version of yourself.

Here's what typically happens. A client comes to me it is because their work has shifted, grown, or evolved and their website is no longer an accurate reflection of where they are going.

We start a conversation around their vision for the new website. Invariably they play small and downplay their business, their mission, and their gifts. They put themselves and their business in a teeny, tiny box.

The reasons are numerous. Maybe they don’t feel worthy. Maybe they dislike the spotlight. Maybe it’s the need to be perfect. Maybe they're afraid of people judging them and their work. Maybe they’re uncomfortable with self-promotion. Maybe they’re afraid of failure, or of success. I can relate to almost all of these! Trust me - I have been there.

But here is my question to you: Why limit yourself to a website that is a snapshot of your business and who you are right now?

I would like to challenge you to sit, close your eyes, and ask yourself:

What would you be doing with your business if nothing were standing in your way? If you knew you couldn’t fail?

Who would you be working with, what would you be doing (or selling?) and how would you be doing it?

This can be an incredibly inspiring question. It encourages you to think bigger than you ever thought possible and create something that truly reflects you and your skills. And that can be equally terrifying and thrilling!

If you're not willing to express it, imagine it, and dream it then any website project will fall short of what was possible.

How will your new website reflect your big vision?

Now look at your website and ask yourself what you would change if you were to redesign it for where you are going and not for where you are today.

Think big and communicate your dreams and aspirations. Let go of any obstacles or how you are going to get there. Give yourself permission to shake off your own fears for a moment and allow yourself the freedom to create a strong vision for your business.

What would your new website need to do in order to reflect your exciting vision?

This is where the magic happens.

When you are beckoned forward to step into the best expression of yourself then:

  • This version of yourself and your business will become your new reality
  • Not only will other people see you in a different light but you will see yourself in a new light as well
  • You will rise to the occasion and step into that new role
  • Your business will have no choice but to evolve faster

This is why the deep dive that I do with my clients is so important. When we dig deep to get clarity on where you are going then we can design a website that reflects that.

It is my job to hold the space for the highest expression of what you are here to be in this life and at this point in time and to design a website around that. When a safe space is created for you to show up, step up, and own your beliefs, your voice, your power, and your worth then we can reflect that on your website.

This is part of the work I do with my clients. If it speaks to you and you’re ready to talk further I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me here.