if your website was an employee would you fire it?

If your website was an employee would you fire it?

Seriously. A bad website is like a bad employee - it can damage relationships with potential and existing clients, misrepresent you and your business and cost you money.

So why aren't we firing these websites?

If you had an employee that was not making you money and not helping you grow your business, you wouldn't hesitate to fire him/her.

Yet I see so many people tolerate their mediocre, underperforming, unprofessional websites, that are not making them any money, without batting an eyelid.

Your website should be the best salesperson you've got. Working tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week promoting YOU, your business and your services. Making you money and growing your business.

You should expect this of your website, just like you would expect this of an employee.

The reason for having a website is to make your business money. Why would you have a website if it is not making money for your business?

And for your website to be making you money, it must be working for you, just like an employee.

What if I offered you an employee that:

  • Works 24/7 promoting your business
  • Is absolutely AMAZING at selling you and your business
  • Creates an immediate rapport with your website visitors because she has made them feel heard and understood
  • Sends you potential clients that are already educated about how to work with you, why you are the right choice and exactly how you can solve their problems
  • Only sends you quality clients who understand the value of working with you and the benefits they will get + they are willing to pay you what you are worth, because she presents you as the expert you are
  • Showcases your best qualities so that clients are excited about working with you
  • Portrays you as a legit, professional business, which allows you to justify your rates
  • Does the selling for you so you can focus on doing the work that you do best
  • Never takes vacation, calls in sick or asks for bonuses
  • Who is 100% dedicated to making you money

That employee is your website.

If your website is not your #1 salesperson, then you are wasting your money.

If your website is not your #1 employee, then it’s time to do something about it.