should i list prices on my website or not?

Imagine you have been invited to a wedding and you realize that you need a new dress. It just so happens that you have half and hour to kill before picking up your daughter right around the corner from a new high-end dress store that just opened up.

You walk in and browse for a while, when suddenly your eye lands on the perfect dress. It is exactly what you are looking for and it just so happens that they have your size.

Your only hesitation is the price. You search everywhere, but the price tag is nowhere to be found.

You look for the sales lady, but she is already helping a customer.

Shoot, now you have run out of time so you decide to skip it and go somewhere else.

When people ask me, “Should I show my prices on my website or not?” this is why I say, "YES!".

By sharing your prices, you have the opportunity to shape the price conversation.

Your prices give your prospective clients an opportunity to understand what their investment is going to look like. If people can’t find that information on your website they are more likely to go elsewhere.

Your prices will act as a gatekeeper weeding out the people who are not a good fit so that you only get real qualified leads. You only want people reaching out to contact you that are ready to pay your prices and how are they supposed to know what that investment is if you don't list your prices?

One option is to have a starting price. That way people who are interested in working with you can get a rough understanding of what kind of investment your services are.

List your prices and make it easier on yourself and your clients!

List your prices so you don't end up loosing business.