Show up on your website confidently, intentionally and unapologetically

I was ten years old when we moved from France to Geneva, Switzerland.⁣

At that point, I was no longer comfortable reading and writing in English after having been completely immersed in a French-speaking environment for the last three years. ⁣

The decision was made to hold me back a year.⁣

You have to understand two things about my first day at the International School of Geneva. School had already been in session for two months and at 10 years old I was exceptionally tall for my age.⁣

I walked into that classroom and all eyes turned on me. Nobody had to say anything – the way that they looked at me said it all. It was pretty obvious that I did not belong. I was the Jolly Green Giant in a classroom full of tiny people. I even towered over the teacher.⁣

As I tried to squeeze myself into the tiny desk I prayed for a dose of Alice In Wonderland’s ‘Drink Me’ potion. All I could feel was embarrassment and humiliation. Eyes averted, head down and guarded demeanor I withdrew into myself. ⁣

Why do I tell you this story? Because I learned in 4th grade how to hide underneath the shame – safe from view, safe from judgment and safe from criticism.⁣

Now I want you to look at your website and ask yourself if there is anything that you would change if you were not worried about judgment or criticism from the outside world. What would happen if you were willing to silence the biggest critic, yourself?⁣

I’m going to let you in on a secret. That’s when the magic happens because then you have the freedom to show up on your website confidently, intentionally and unapologetically…ready to be seen and heard.⁣