The Importance of Images In Web Design

One of the most effective ways to connect effectively with the right audience and build an authentic connection with your website visitors is through imagery.

Even when you’re not comfortable in front of the camera or view yourself as more of a behind-the-scenes person, it’s still important to include images of you on your website.

The images on your website are what give clients a reason to trust you and believe in you, your product or your service. In addition, the images will help you create an emotional connection with your clients.

Please don't use images that look bland, boring and amateurish.

Please don’t use stock photos or the picture of you sitting poolside with the margarita cropped out on your website and call it good.

It probably isn’t making the kind of statement you want.

You can do better. Much better.

If you want your site to look professional and appealing to your potential clients right off the bat one of the ways you can do that is to spend the money to work with a photographer - a professional photographer. Trust me. It will be money well spent.

Now I want to be real for a second and say that as a woman we often have stuff going on that makes us self-conscious about how we look. We are reluctant to put ourselves out there.

But that is garbage. Total and utter garbage.

I can guarantee that no picture that is clean and crisp and professional is going to harm your brand. Authentic, on-brand photos of you essentially convey, “You can trust me. I have nothing to hide.” They will help your site convert better.

If you are hiding on your site please put your face out there. We want to see your face. We really do.