throw out your ideal client avatar...and use this instead

I understand how it feels to have a website that is not getting the attention of your dream clients. My first website certainly wasn’t.

Here is the oh so important question I never stopped to ask myself, “Who is my ideal client?”

This impacts almost every aspect of the website.

Before you even start thinking about creating your new site, take a step back and be crystal clear on who this new website is intended for.

I hate to say it, but your website is not about you. It’s actually all about your clients.

Your website is not for you. It is for your clients.

This is why you need to get really clear on your ideal client.

Why? Because a website aimed at everyone may attract no one. When you are speaking to everybody you are speaking to nobody.

There are different tips and techniques for how to define your ideal client. So I am going to make it super simple for you.

Don’t focus on the demographics - how old they are, their income… Focus on your ideal client’s problems.

My guess is that most people don't end up on your website by chance. A more likely scenario is that they are scouring the internet looking for a solution to their problem.

That is why you want to focus on solving your ideal client’s problems.

The first step is to identify:

  • What are your client’s urgent needs?
  • What problem must they solve right away?

For example, the urgent need that prompts my ideal client to contact me is a feeling of stress because their website is not generating any leads or clients, but they don’t know what to do to fix it.

The second step is to identify:

  • What are your client’s compelling desires?
  • What do they want to move toward?

For example, my ideal client’s compelling desire is to have a thriving business that allows them to do what they love and make oodles of money.

The third and most important step is to get really clear on the biggest result your clients get from working with you.

For example, for my ideal client, this #1 biggest result they get when they work with me is a website that captivates, captures, and converts!

Once you know your ideal client’s problem, that is when you can position yourself as the guide who will solve that problem.

Once you have this information, you can speak directly to the needs, wants, and desires of your ideal client. You will be able to communicate with them in a way that makes them feel understood so that when they land on your website they say to themselves, “Oh my goodness. She is talking to ME.”