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stacey jenkins digital content producer

“There are many DYI web templates out there that I was considering. The challenge lies in that none of those templates teach you how to market yourself or showcase your content. Christina didn't just design a website for me. She helped me articulate who I am, what skills I want to showcase, and how to populate each page to engage and motivate audiences to reach out. I could have never marketed my freelance business that way and encourage all creatives to consider the advantage of having a professional like Christina walk you through this crucial phase of your business.”



Jenny Rhodes aligned yoga headshot

“I was looking for a designer who could help me with 3 essential components: ease & efficiency in editing my website, ability to sell my programs from my site, and a website I was excited to drive clients to because it genuinely reflected my brand. Christina helped me achieve all these goals and more!

The greatest benefit was her generous presence as a listener and collaborator. She asked the truly important questions and genuinely heard the answers; enabling me to find my own voice within my brand. I am grateful for her unique blend of intuitive and technical gifts. Because of her expert crafting, I have a beautiful website that reflects who I am, what I do and why I do it. I finally have a website I want the whole word to see!”



Carri Kaplan Physical Therapist Bend To Mend

“Christina really helped me to organize my thoughts and goals of my business and put it out into the world in a cohesive way.  It helped me to know where I wanted to focus my energy and talents.  Collectively putting the website together helped me to feel more confident about the direction I would like my business to grow.  She was super easy to work with, patient and understanding of my individual style and how I wanted to present my website.”



rachel wernet bedrock zinc skin care

"How did an average gal like me start a successful e-commerce business without a tech background? Christina Petrie. Hiring Christina was the best decision I made in order to get my business off the ground.  She offered fantastic input and recommendations, like a true consultant. She's not just a Web Designer. I highly recommend her."


Ingrid Miller Rainier Cabinetry and Design

“Christina created a smart, professional, and mobile-friendly website that is driving more traffic to my site, and that I am proud to show my prospective clients. I couldn't be happier with the results!

I also signed on for Christina's Website Care Package so that she can handle all the technical aspects of maintaining a website, leaving me more time for my business. If you are looking for a website developer who will take the time to understand your business and delivers a great looking website, then Christina is the one for the job. I highly recommend her.”


marna pure beautiful you headshot

“Christina asked me what I wanted to see in my website and she nailed it spot on! She really took the time to listen to what I wanted and more that once made sure I was going to be completely happy and satisfied! She also has a gift of keeping the timing/end date on task with a sense of humor and a lot of patience. She's amazing!! I would highly recommend her to anyone.”



Karine Jouhet headshot

“Working with Christina is a dream. She is organized, efficient, and able to interpret a designer's vision. When we started working together I was nervous about passing off a design for a lot of reasons. Luckily Christina was willing to offer advice, feedback, and an understanding for what will actually work versus just look good. I highly recommend her!”


Marti Richardson Casey

“Oh my, it is beautiful! You have done such amazing work and you are a pleasure to work with. I never thought a web site could come together with this little angst. I am so grateful to you for working with us, and look forward to a continuing relationship. I have received so many positive comments about our new look.”


Susan Adamson Mother Trees head shot

“Christine Petrie is a gifted Web Designer. I appreciate her desire to make sure I had input in the design all throughout the process. She has been great to work with and I look forward to an ongoing relationship.”



yves janet architect

“Christina built me a website that makes me feel good about myself and my business so that I can approach new clients with improved confidence. Because it is well designed and looks professional it establishes credibility and trust with my clients. I don't have to brag about my work because my website does that for me.”



victor kaminoff real estate specialist

“Our website was 10 years old and not mobile friendly. Being in the highly competitive Los Angeles real estate market, where buyers want information immediately, we asked Christina for help designing a luxury site for us. She was highly responsive and detailed and did a great job for us.”


Sunny Joy McMillan Golden Oversoul

"Ultimately, we landed on a facelift for my existing site, and I have never been happier! Not only does it look amazing and is exactly what I envisioned on the front end, but Christina cleaned everything up on the backend, as well.


I now feel confident about how my website looks and works. For anyone on the fence about working with a WordPress developer, I cannot recommend Christina’s assistance highly enough – it is the best money I’ve spent on my business in a long time!”



Alysondra Duke Psychotherapist

“Christina has offered invaluable feedback and advice on moving forward with my site and is very skilled at turning what seems totally overwhelming and confusing to me into an easy and painless fix.


Christina has been such a wonderful addition to my professional world! She is incredibly knowledgeable and timely which makes working with her so fantastic. I highly recommend working with her!”



Jenna Lange Lange International

“My business was growing so fast that I could not find the time to take care of my website. In fact, I was not even aware that there was SPAM on my website! When Christina took it over there was a ton of work to do. Quickly and efficiently she made all the necessary changes. Now I have peace of mind knowing it is being taken care of.”


rachell wernet ruby and field

“I chose Christina to build my consulting website because I had a vision in mind and I knew she could bring it to life. She did. She listened carefully to what I needed, made recommendations, was quick, direct and very easy to work with.


I added her security and maintenance package because I wanted her continued expertise. Our project was so successful I've already got plans to use her for my next website.”



Madeline-Hartman head shot director Psychic Awakenings

“Christina has been taking care of my website for almost a year. She has made life so easy! She does several basic checks every month to make sure my website is robust. She has made several very helpful suggestions for improving the layout and the content. She responds to my email questions quickly with lucid explanations. When I request any changes to be made, she provides a clear estimate with reasonable price quotes. She makes the website changes in a fraction of the time that it would take me to do it. She is professional and friendly throughout all this. She is worth every penny!”



Tim Nolan Phinney Ridge Cabinetry

"We are extremely happy with the work Christina was able to do to our aging WordPress web site.

Following Christina’s work, our web page was now readable on mobile devices which it wasn’t before.

Additionally, Christina:

* revamped our formatting so it was visually more appealing

* added security to our contact widget so that we no longer received loads of junk spam emails

* vastly improved our gallery so it was easier to use

* updated our site so it was easier to navigate

* added SSL security and google analytics capacity which we didn’t have before

Everything we asked from Christina was done in the time frame and costs committed.

We will happily use Christina for future enhancements to our web presence.”



“Christina helped us with a flawless move of our new website to her hosting platform, and pointing our old domain name to the new website. In addition, the services she offers mean that our website will be protected and maintained with little or no effort from our organization. She has also been a great technical resource when we have questions about WordPress. She is very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. We highly recommend her.”



chris vegors headshot crime scene cleaners

“I wasted several months and money fighting and figuring out WordPress myself plus other tech crap. Then I discovered Christina. She was amazing. She jumped right in and in just a few weeks she had built and launched my website. If you are looking for a Web Developer I highly recommend her.”


gary appel muddlers

“Christina Petrie took a site of mine that was in rough form and turned it into a really beautiful and well-functioning site. What I appreciated so much was the communication we had together. I could generally describe what I wanted and she built it making important changes and suggestions along the way.


Christina is very approachable and I continue to tap into her expertise as issues arise. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who wants help and guidance in creating a truly exceptional web site.”



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