Is your out-of-date website putting you in harm's header

Keep your website up-to-date!

Software needs updating. All software. Including the software that powers your website.

WordPress is an ever-evolving piece of software, which is always acquiring:

  • New features
  • Added functionality
  • Bug fixes
  • Security fixes

It's always recommended you install WordPress Core, plugin and theme updates when they become available.

Why upgrade your WordPress website?

  • Fix bugs and security loopholes
  • It keeps your website secure
  • It helps ensure compatibility with new plugins
  • You get to use the latest features

What do you need to upgrade?

  • WordPress Core (the actual WordPress software)
  • Your plugins
  • Your theme, which may often also include:
    • Parent theme
    • Child theme

Before doing any kind of upgrade, make sure you have a recent backup. Backups will enable you to roll back changes if you uncover a plugin conflict or something which doesn’t work right with the upgrade.

Are you keeping your WordPress website up-to-date?

From experience I have found that clients tend not to update their WordPress site for the following reasons:

  • Fear of breaking something
  • Forgetting or not finding the time
  • Lack of knowledge on how to perform updates
  • Unaware of importance and potential repercussions
  • Focus is on business, not website

I understand. But it’s not a reason not to do them. 🙂

Remember, when updates are neglected, WordPress websites can become vulnerable.

Over to you…

Do you have a WordPress website? Do you struggle with maintenance, security and updates?

If you’d like a helping hand in managing your WordPress website, I offer ongoing support. More information on my WordPress Care Plans can be found here.