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Jenny Rhodes, an uplifting yoga instructor who seems to glow from the inside out, reached out to me to completely redesign her DYI Wix website. She was ready to go pro and step into a bigger version of herself with a strategic website redesign.

The Challenge: 

Jenny had been DIYing her site but was not satisfied with the way it looked. Her old website felt pieced together and she was embarrassed to show it to people. It did not represent who she truly was or the quality of the service she provided. Jenny needed help taking her vision and goals for her business and translating it into a website.

The Solution: 

The solution was to do a deep dive into her business first so that I could incorporate her key business objectives into her website. We talked about the purpose of her website, who is her ideal client and what makes her unique and different from other yoga instructors.

I was then able to design a website that reflects her business and aligns with her vision and goals. A website that was designed for her ideal client. A website that showcases what makes Jenny unique so that it becomes clear to her website visitors how her services are special, why they should choose her and how she is different from the competition. Next, I sprinkled in some branding and her personality.

The result is a layout that is simple, clean, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and showcases the value and results of her services.

Jenny also wanted to share the dates and details of upcoming classes, workshops, community events and retreats on her website. I used The Events Calendar plugin because it makes managing events from your website easy, and efficient.

In addition, she wanted to give her clients the ability to register for retreats on her website so I used The Event Tickets Plus plugin along with WooCommerce so that clients could register and pay with Stripe or PayPal from her website.

I highly recommend that you take one of Jenny's classes. She is amazing. You will leave the studio inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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