Doney Coe Pet Clinic offers veterinary services and wellness care to the pets of qualifying low income and homeless families in Seattle, Washington.

The Challenge: 

The Doney Coe approached me because they had a website that was cumbersome, not visually engaging and the opposite of user-friendly. Visitors had a hard time finding information and the Doney Coe's story was not clear.

They knew that their website desperately needed a face lift to better showcase their organizational impact, to attract donors and to made it easy for visitors to learn about ways to get involved with their organization.

The biggest challenge was creating a website that communicates to multiple audiences at the same time, all while telling their story and soliciting support and donations.

The Solution: 

With a goal of helping Doney Coe get donations I created a website that is user-friendly and visually appealing. It tells the Doney Coe's story and displays the positive impact that they have had as an organization.

The website is a comprehensive resource of information for multiple audiences; potential donors, clients needing services and volunteers.

This was an easy website to get excited about creating because of the positive impact that the organization is having on so many lives - the lives of the animals and their owners.

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