Custom WordPress Development, E-commerce, Shopify, Website Support

Client Overview:

The wonderfully talented designer ZONA*MIND created the branding and design for this beautiful custom website.

Ava Bear, a publisher for children's books, was looking for a developer to build the website and reached out to me. I stepped in to take these gorgeous website designs and create a website for them. I'm a technology <NERD> at heart. I love collaborating with designers by handling the coding and technical aspects of the web development process and bringing their designs to life.

This WordPress website has a custom theme and integrates with Shopify, the e-commerce platform, for purchases.

These books are excellent, a real opportunity for children to learn universal truths and values in an entertaining way. The books are illustrated by highly talented artists from around the world who create unique beautiful and engaging visuals for story time.

If you are looking for a children's book I highly recommend you check out these compassionate stories that are sprinkled with magic and joy.

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