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Working with The Franklin Project team has been so much fun - what a great group of passionate, inspiring people!

The Franklin Project is dedicated to promoting true American values of democracy and civility. I was honored to bring this website to light. It was an opportunity to help spread their passion, their message and hopefully start a fresh, energetic conversation on democracy.

They have great things planned for the future, so I highly recommend checking out their website, taking the pledge, and following them on Instagram

The Challenge:

The Franklin Project had no online presence so we had to start from scratch.

Their website is the central location to access their work, and learn about the organization’s mission. Plus, as a non-profit, the website serves double duty as needing to attract financial support.

The Solution:

The web design for this website was all centred around usability – delivering a great digital experience for everyone who visits this website.

We wanted to create an engaging, aesthetically pleasing website that was easy to navigate. Because the website is rich in content we want to encourage users to spend time on the site and use the site as a resource.

The site is built with a solid SEO foundation to increase search engine traffic and drive future growth.

Audience growth is fostered through social media integrations and sharing functionalities.

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