I’m so excited to introduce you to Linda Lingo's new brand and WordPress website. Linda is an incredibly talented Financial Coach and CPA.

The Challenge:

Linda approached me because she was aware that her website did not represent who she truly was or the quality of service she provides. It got to the point where she was reluctant to send potential clients the link to her old website.

Aware of the obvious disservice her website was doing to the growth of her business she was ready to ditch the #WEBSITESHAME once and for all.


We went with a strong, mature, classic palette to instill a feeling of abundance and security in her potential customers. Deep plum with gold/green accents thrown in to convey an element of elegance and flair.

The goal was to present Linda as competent, reliable, intelligent and successful, without forgetting to also show that she is fun and does not take herself too seriously.

The Solution:

Linda’s new website creates a positive first impression and communicates trust and credibility. Not only that, providing an intuitive user experience instills confidence in her website visitors.

Her gorgeous website is an authoritative online presence where she can send her dream clients and have total confidence that her website is doing the selling for her. It is a website that helps her stand out in her industry, feel confident about her online presence, bring in new leads and sets her up as the authority that she is.

And, if you haven’t already… go check out Linda's website. It’s elegant, fun, and full of her personality!

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