Custom WordPress Development

Client Overview:

The wonderfully talented designer Ruby Somera created the branding, design, and photography for this beautiful custom website.

Ruby was looking for a developer to build the website and reached out to me. I stepped in to take her gorgeous website designs and create a website for Casey. It was so much fun playing with HTML, CSS, and PHP to bring to life Ruby's design files.

I'm a technology <NERD> at heart. I love collaborating with designers by handling the coding and technical aspects of the web development process and bringing their designs to life. My custom-built websites aren't just easy to edit and expand on; they’re also reliable and stable.

Here's how it works. You do the design and mockups and leave the website implementation and coding to me.

Go check out Casey Steven's website. She is not like most Psychotherapists. Clinically trained. Mystically guided. Also, check out her Instagram feed - so many wise words of wisdom.

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