Shirley Hollinger is a soul-based empowerment coach who combines intuition, subconscious reprogramming, coaching, and energy healing to help you move through your blocks and fears so you can shine in every area of your life.

Shirley reached out to me because she was not sure where to start, and how to navigate all the "tech" stuff she was not familiar with. She felt overwhelmed and at a loss with frustration.

The Challenge: 

Shirley had no brand or website so we were starting from scratch.

The Solution: 

We did a deep dive into her business first, so that I could incorporate her key business objectives into her website. In the website questionnaire I gave Shirley at the beginning of the process, I asked Shirley about the purpose of her website, who is her ideal client and what makes her unique and different from other coaches.

Once we knew what we wanted her website to do, then we used this as our starting point and designed the website to fulfill that purpose.

Once we knew who we were talking to, then we designed her website around her ideal client so that when they land on her website she is able to establish an instant connection with them.

Once we knew what makes her unique, then we were able to showcase this on her website so that it becomes clear to her website visitors how her services are special, why they should choose her and how she is different from the competition.

It was so fun seeing all of the colors, fonts, and design elements come together in Shirley's new website. I have no doubt that Shirley is going to use her gift to help many women consciously create a life they love.

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