David FitzPatrick is a Leadership and Personal Development Coach who works with motivated people who want to have fun while experiencing their full life potential now. With over 35 years of business, leadership, and mission-field experience, he offers a unique perspective and insight into life transitions.

David had no brand and a DYI website so we had to go back to the basics. On David's new website, you truly get a taste for who he is as a life coach.

David has heart, wisdom, and passion. I have no doubt that he is going to make an impact helping motivated professionals successfully make changes in their career, navigate life transitions, and experience a more fulfilling life that includes fun and joy.

Enough from me, keep reading for my interview with David about the project.


Question: What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to hiring me to build your website?

David: I struggled with creating a website that represented me. I am not one that can envision a website in a creative way. I needed someone who was not only technical, but could get to know me and dig deep for who I am, and then develop a website that reflected me and the coaching services I have to offer. Christina did exactly that. She also helped me get more focused on my niche since I was trying to be all things to all people.

Question: How did that challenge make you feel?

David: I felt frustrated and stuck. I honestly didn't know what to do, so I tried to create my own site and save some money. Well, that didn't turn out well. So I spoke to my coach and got coached out of my context of scarcity, and I had a significant breakthrough by humbling myself and invested in an expert. Christina was actually referred to me by my coach as someone who had a good balance of creative marketing skills and technical expertise.

Question: What was it like working with Christina?

David: I created a strong working relationship with Christina who was very patient with me. She also pushed me to get my part done. I am a person who needs to be 'in the zone' to do my best work. Christina actually tapped into my coaching skills and personality and she lit a fire under me.  We created an awesome relationship together, with a website that I am extremely proud of and feel well represents who I am and what I want to do to help other people change the status quo for their lives.

Question: What specific results can you share?

David: Christina created one heck of a website that opens the window to the world of who I am and what I hope to offer people who want be professionally successful while also having fun in their lives. The site represents the JOY that is at the core of my own personal transformation I want others to experience. We live in a crazy fast world, and finding fun and joy in our everyday loves will make all of our lives more meaningful and peaceful.

Question: Why would you recommend Christina as a Website Designer?

David: Call me! Visit my website and see for yourself. I can tell you what my old site was like and how it was electrified and brought to life by Christina's wisdom, creativity, and warm personality. Be ready to do some work, and together you will create a wonderful piece of your life that can be shared with the world.

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