Custom WordPress Development

Client Overview:

Nathan Mumm was looking for a Web Developer to turn his mockups into a website and reached out to me. Using some code and the WordPress platform I created the Tech Time radio show website and brought his design files to life.

Also included in the project: 

  • An RTMP live stream - weekly radio shows live stream on the Home page.
  • Blog, Sponsors, and Whisky Pick of the day feed on the Home page 
  • E-commerce - set up a store so that Tech Time Radio can sell products from the website with Stripe or PayPal and the ability to add Amazon affiliate links on the store.
  • Whiskey Pick of the day review ability to add a thumbs up or thumbs down on the backend. 

Go check out Nathan's website and listen to the show that makes you go HUMMMM, Technology news of the week.

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