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The Challenge: 

The first issue with this project was that EM4Fish had no branding in place.

Then there was the challenge of trying to figure out how to take an immense amount of content - papers, presentations, reports & proceedings, and videos & webinars - and organize it in a way that website visitors could find what they were looking for, whether it be by topic, region or format.

In addition, we wanted the website to engage visitors so that it generated conversation and created a community within the Electric Monitoring (EM) network.

The Solution: 

The goal of this website was to be both a resource for the EM community and a way for them to connect.

Formerly EMInformation, EM4Fish was given a completely new look and feel. New name, logo, color palette, and typography.

The resources were organized in a more user-friendly format which makes it easier for users to find what they needed in the library of content.

In order to foster community, we added the ability to connect on Twitter and Slack on the home page as well as a community page where the Electronic Monitoring community could contact each other.

The result is a website that is simple, clean, organized, and modernized for the 21st-century fishing industry. It is also easily navigable for viewers both on desktop and mobile.

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