The Challenge: 

Copiers Northwest is the premier office products, document solutions and business process provider in the Pacific Northwest. They have over 200 employees and 12 locations.

The problem with their old site was that it had been several years since any updates and improvements were made. The site did not clearly state who they were, who they serve and why their prospective clients should go with them.

In addition, the page layouts were cluttered, there were no great photos and it was not built to be mobile-friendly. Overall the old site did not do their company justice and did not showcase the value of what they do.

The site itself needed to be cleaner, sleeker and more modern looking.

The Solution: 

My goal with the website rebrand was to communicate the following:

  • Professional with a friendly vibe. Convey that Copiers Northwest is really good at what they do + fun to do business with.
  • Convey that they are cutting edge - anything is possible.

I created a simple and modern layout that included everything Copiers Northwest offers as a company. Visitors coming to the site now are not confused about who they are or what they do.

The layout is simple, clean, easy to navigate and mobile-friendly.

The website showcases the value and results of their services and how their services can help their prospective clients.

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