The Challenge: 

Stacey, a vivacious and talented Producer, approached me when she transitioned to full-time freelance work as a Digital Content Producer.

Stacey needed a website that established her expertise as a Producer, showed off her work samples, and offered a place to drive interested prospects.

As her freelance business evolves, she wanted to be able to keep her website up-to-date by adding samples of her work, revising copy, and blogging.

The Solution: 

I created a clean website design that is both warm and showcases Stacey as a professional that prospects can know, like and trust. The website gives her credibility as a Producer.

The website is a custom WordPress site that allows Stacey to easily update her content and add videos to her portfolio.

Check out Stacey's portfolio and you will see what I mean when I say that she is talented. After a 20-year career as a producer and storyteller she has quite an impressive body of work.

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